Historic Savannah {Engagement} Photographer I James & Erica


Erica & James met in the math lab at Georgia Southern University in May of 2012. At that time Erica was an undergrad math major and James was working to complete his Masters in Mathematics. Three weeks earlier, James first laid eyes on Erica at the Georgia Southern Arts Fest, but could not find the courage to introduce himself. Once he gathered the nerve he needed to speak to Erica he could not locate her. The next time James bumped into Erica in the math lab there was no hesitation. James and Erica met for their first date in Historic Downtown Savannah later in the Summer of 2012. The couple enjoyed lunch at Panera Bread and then entertained one another all afternoon walking around Historic Downtown Savannah sharing all of their favorite places. On August 24th 2012 and after several dates, James and Erica became an official couple.


The Summer of 2013 and the one year anniversary was upon the happy couple. James had a friend getting married out in California and Erica was asked to travel along. By this time James knew with his whole heart that Erica was the one for him, that she was that special girl he loved with his whole heart and who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. After some snooping and thoughtful consideration, James bought the perfect ring for his beloved. While in California he planned a very special date day in San Francisco. The two walked all over San Fran just as they enjoy doing here in Savannah.
One of Erica’s favorite times of the day is sunset and she loves taking pictures of the sunset. So James chose Land’s End for he and Erica to visit at Sunset. On May 18th 2013, Erica said YES to that grand old question! She had no idea it was coming and she was caught completely off guard.


The wedding is planned for June 28th 2014 at the historic Whitfield Chapel in Savannah, GA. Erica is currently living with her family in Statesboro as she is working toward earning her Masters Degree in Education. James also lives in Statesboro and is a Visiting Instructor at Georgia Southern University teaching Mathematics. After the wedding, James and Erica will reside in Statesboro until Erica completes her Graduate Degree and then the two will move to Athens, Ga so that James can begin work on his PhD from the University of Georgia.

I look forward to capturing this very special day with this beautiful couple. I hope you enjoy this sampling from their engagement session that was shot in Historic Downtown Savannah.