San Diego, CA {Wedding} Photographer I Amy + Aaron are Wed

A little about Aaron:
Aaron Jeanes is an Engineer Captain in the U.S. Army who received his commission from Ole Miss in 2008 with a mechanical engineering degree. He was a platoon leader with 3rd ID at Fort Stewart, Georgia where he deployed to Iraq for 12 months in 2009-2010. There, he saw more than enough combat action, as he was the platoon leader for a Route Clearance Combat Engineer platoon. He went on countless missions finding Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to clear the roads for the rest of the U.S. to maneuver on. These missions time and again earned him the Bronze Star Medal with Valor. He later was assigned to a unit out of Fort Lewis, Washington and deployed to Afghanistan for 4 months where he was the unit’s planning operations liaison.

A little about Amy:
Amy Jeanes is a local out of Southern California and a Logistial Captain in the U.S. Army who received her commission from West Point in 2010 with a management degree. She was a platoon leader with 3rd ID at Fort Stewart, Georgia for a support platoon where she supported up to Brigade Level units with ammunition, food, fuel, and water. She deployed as an individual augmentee to Afghanistan for 7 months where she planned and had oversight of all security aspects for the camp in which she was located at with over 10 different Coalition Forces.

How the two became one:
They met while stationed at Fort Stewart, GA in January of 2010. They were in the same Battalion and Amy supported Aaron’s Company with all logistical matters for their field problems. They butted heads on multiple occasions while working but when they finally spent time together out of uniform, they realized that enjoyed each other’s company and had a lot of fun doing so! They have few things in common and enjoy things that the other didn’t even think of doing. Put together, Aaron and Amy compliment each other well. They enjoyed trying new things that the other would suggest. Despite their differences in how they grew up and where they came from, the common ground that they had was the future ahead of them.

After having dated for several months while in Georgia, January of 2012 brought the chapter called “The long distance relationship”. Aaron moved to Missouri to attend the Captain’s Career Course while Amy was still in Georgia. In August of that year, Amy deployed to Afghanistan. Aaron took this opportunity to complete his Masters Degree in Engineering Management and was upon his graduation, was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. Amy returned from Afghanistan in April of 2013. Having been so busy, Aaron had never met Amy’s parents. He flew to California by himself in May in order to meet her parents and ask them for their permission to marry Amy. As a bright red-haired-man, it wasn’t an easy task to ask two Asian parents! He then flew to Georgia and proposed to Amy on May 24, 2013. She said yes! Aaron was shortly deployed to Afghanistan in June while Amy did many of the beginning of wedding planning. Aaron returned from deployment that October and they were able to begin planning their wedding in San Diego while Aaron was in Washington, and Amy was in the South. They married on May 24, 2014!

How I became their beloved photographer:

I met Amy Tang & Aaron Jeanes in Historic Forsyth Park in May 2013 as they were vacationing to Savannah. As I was preparing to shoot a family session there in the park the happy couple was standing under one of the large towering oaks in the very place Aaron proposed the evening before. I was approached and asked to take a picture using Amy’s iPhone. I agreed, but under the condition that they would allow me to take the portrait with my camera and then send it to them for their memory book. Later that evening I sent over the three images I took and a print release, I was thanked and my heart was FULL. Time went by and Amy had been stalking my work without me having any idea. Amy even referred her best friend to me for a Historic Savannah Elopement which I shot later that Summer. In October, I received a phone call from Amy & Aaron asking if I would consider flying to California to shoot their BIG day! I was SHOCKED, OVERJOYED, EXCITED, NERVOUS and of course I said YES! As I hung up the phone, reality quickly set in that I was petrified to fly for I have never been on a plane before in my LIFE! I booked the flight and that was that…I was destined for the BEAUTIFUL San Diego, California the following Summer.

May came and the wedding was fast approaching! I was beyond EXCITED to fly across the country to work with Amy & Aaron! I discovered that I LOVED flying! I became a flight tourist, taking more pictures than normal I am sure. I flew into California and was shuttled (at 120 miles an hour down the freeway surely in belief that I was going to die at the hands of a SD shuttle driver) to the Hilton Torrey Pines in La Jolla to meet up with the happy couple! I immediately went to work and spent the next 10 hours working with one of the most thoughtful, caring and most in love couple you will ever meet! At the end of the night, 20 hours after I flew out of Savannah I was jumping on a Red-Eye flight back home to my family! On the way to the airport I started to feel ill. By the time we were rolling down the runway I was so much worse! We lifted off and within 30 minutes I was more ill than I have ever been in my life! Everything was dark, I could not see land and I spent the next 5 hours in the lavatory of a Delta Air Bus. I landed in that bathroom with a sweet flight attendant with me and upon arrival to Atlanta I was cleared by paramedics for my flight home three hours later. While I was resting at my concourse an AWESOME SOLDIER took care of me until our connecting flight. He was stationed at Ft. Stewart. I was so sick that I don’t even have his name. What I would not give to thank him for HIS SERVICE to me personally! He found me boiling water and added lemon and camomile to sooth my stomach. He purchased some water and anti nausea medication for me, as well as something to eat in small amounts. I am forever grateful!

It was a whirlwind trip full of joy, excitement, love, happiness and FUN! I might have used two of my lives but I am here to share this special wedding with all of you! I hope you enjoy my work and can feel like you were there with us that beautiful day in San Diego, California!

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