Clint, Kim & Connor (The Cody’s)

As a military family we count on photographers to capture memories for us that family and friends might often miss due to distance and/or deployment. Capturing these special moments (first birthdays, family photos and welcome homes) is really important and it takes a photographer who understands the importance of capturing each special image. It’s not just a little boys first birthday picture its a way for his deployed daddy to remember a day he was not able to be a part of. It’s not just a welcome home photo it’s the first time a little boy walks over to his daddy and gives him a hug. Lauren truly understands these needs and worked with our family after we had all but given up on photographers. She listened to what we wanted and gave us and our families everlasting memories. We are forever grateful for her hard work and attention to detail because it profoundly shows through in each one of our amazing images. We cannot thank you enough and we are counting the days until we can work with you again.

Ronny, Heather, Gwen an Baby Miller ( The Millers)

I was in the nail salon about 6 months pregnant and I overheard this lady speaking about photography. She sounded so passionate it was infectious. I asked for her card and we spoke about my pregnancy. Immediately talking to her I felt I had a new friend. I went home so excited to tell my husband about this incredible photographer I met named Lauren. We both looked at her website and fell in love! I scheduled her for my newborn photos and couldn’t wait. I have a close friend that does photography and she begged me to take pictures but I didn’t let her because I wanted only the best for my angel and that was Lauren! The day finally arrived and working with her was a dream. She is so understanding, compassionate and just a joy to be around. She let us be creative and her own creativity is out of this world. It was so comfortable and natural and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. I cried at the first images she put up, she truly has a gift from God. Lauren also came to my daughters Christening and did such a beautiful job, my whole family is in love with her. We are going to keep her busy next year with a new child, one year pictures, another christening and family pictures and we can’t wait. To put ones memories in another persons hands can be scary unless Lauren is the photographer, then you know they will be handled with grace and beauty. She can’t be classified into a certain genre, she is a life photographer and we are so blessed she is a part of our lives.

Jack, Kristy & the Boys (The Toohey’s)

We love having Lauren take our family pics.  She is so easy going, and makes everything seem effortless (which is saying a lot photographing 3 boys ages 3, 5 and 7).   She never fails to capture all of their unique personalities, and get just the right shots!  Thank you Lauren for all of our awesome family photos, we will treasure them for a lifetime!  You rock:)

Mirela & Nathan White

Lauren is just amazing to have as a photographer for any events you want captured professionally! She did our engagement and wedding photos and we are very pleased with how they ALL turned out. She is very open to sharing details about the equipment she uses and, before we decided to hire her, she sent us lots of full galleries to look at and make our decision. She even went to the venue before the wedding to take some sample shots and make sure she has the right lenses for the day of the wedding. What I most loved about our sessions is that Lauren is very thorough and detail oriented to make sure the pictures would turn out the best. Her editing is Phenomenal! The light and the colors are beautiful in all our pictures! We are so pleased that we chose her to capture two of the most important events in our life and she’s for sure our family photographer for future events (baby pics).

Rob, Krystal & Baby Emma (The Silva’s)

I first met Lauren of Sweet Peony Photography in 2011 while I was pregnant with my first baby. We scheduled for her to shoot our maternity pictures. We had no idea what to expect and since we were one of Laurens first maternity sessions it was new to her too. We had so much fun and when we saw the “sweet peeks” it was totally worth the time spent walking around to find the perfect lighting, locations, poses… I knew then that Lauren was my forever photographer.

In the next couple months we scheduled for Lauren to be on site during our daughters birth. No words can describe what she gave us in the hours she spent at the hospital with us. The images were simply breath taking and will be forever cherished by our family.

Lauren has documented our daughters first year doing all of her milestone portraits. Again these images are so special to us and will forever be treasured.

We had a family session done before my husbands deployment and our latest session was a very emotional homecoming after my husbands 9 month tour in Afghanistan. It was so special to have her there with me because she has been through so much with us. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else take our pictures, ever!

If you are looking for your forever photographer Lauren is your girl. You will be satisfied with her work.

Laura, Kert & Chandler ( The Elkins’)

Just Over a year ago I began looking for a photographer to do my daughters first birthday pictures. I also wanted a small session in addition of my daughter and her best friend. I ran across Lauren and Sweet Peony Photography. From the moment she answered my first call I knew she would be great to work with. She answered all of my questions and got our sessions booked. The ease of talking to Lauren was amazing as well as her dedication to get the perfect shot. When the babies started to get tired, she stated she could finish up on another day. That is just what we did. Over the next year a friendship formed. Lauren and I have talked about numerous things aside from photos. When it came time for my daughters second birthday and family pictures, there was only one person I would think of calling. This year she presented me with some beautiful photos. Once again my daughter made her really work. Once again Lauren stepped up tp the plate, and once again she offered to finish up on another day. I never thought after making that phone call I would find the most amazing photographer and FRIEND. Just as Lauren posted once before “Don’t settle for the photographer you can afford, SAVE for the photographer you LOVE!”  We LOVE Lauren and Sweet Peony Photography and I promise you will too. Look forward to working with her again and continuing to develop a friendship with an amazing artist.

Love from The Walton’s

We had a family photographer for many years but due to her moving we had to find someone new.  I searched, researched and searched again for someone just as talented as our last photographer.  I really didn’t think I’d find anyone within a reasonable price range.  I was at a loss.  That was until I happened upon Lauren and Sweet Peony Photography. What a breath of fresh air!  After asking questions about her camera, technique and style, I knew she was the one.  The pricing is perfect.  The talent is exceptional.  The turn around rate is fabulous.  there is so much personality and perfection of each photograph!  You will not be disappointed if you choose Sweet Peony Photography.  You will be thrilled with your entire session; from beginning to end.  We are so thankful to have her capture all the moments of our family.  Thanks Lauren and Sweet Peony!!!

Love from The Charlery Family

My husband Finley was to return soon from what may very well be his last deployment ever. I was excited for more reasons than one, so I wanted to make sure and document this occasion as it would mean the ending of a very important era in our lives.

I started looking around and saw a million other readily available, and very cheap photographers that were willing to snap a few shots for our big day, but something told me they’re not who I want and to just keep on looking. Then I came across Lauren’s personal documentation of her daughter’s ballet class on Facebook. Some of the pictures were attached to the page Sweet Peony. As I looked through the pictures of the ballet recital, I stumbled across a homecoming she recently did. Looking at the pictures I cried at the story she told with every shot. It was so personal and well documented that I knew I wanted my story to be told in exactly the same way. I HAD TO HAVE SWEET PEONY!!!
I contacted Lauren and she was booked ’til thy kingdom come! But I think she felt how badly I needed this and was willing to work with me. Needless to say, the end results were everything I dreamed about and more. As I got caught up in the moment of my honey being home again, I forgot all about Lauren. I forgot that the camera was on us. Luckily, Lauren didn’t forget. She captured every emotion, from every single one of us. I get to relive those moments every time I look at those pictures. Family members got to share in our joy also from her great work. A price cannot be placed on the value of her work and what it means to us to this day. So from the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU LAUREN, FOR ALL YOU DO!
And we’re definitely looking forward to working with you again!

Love from Erin, Haley & Hunter

Lauren makes taking a picture an enjoyable experience from the first phone call to the fine details of every picture!  She loves to welcome her clients into her heart as if they were her own family, and all clients become her Sweet Peony family!  She is an amazing photographer who strives to capture all moments special and dear!



Lauren and Bubba - September 16, 2015 - 1:40 am

We met Lauren through the dance world, and she was an instant friend to our family. We loved her photography and we scheduled our couples shoot with her on the beach. Lauren woke up before the sun to meet us out at Tybee. She shot some amazing photos of not only us, but the scenery around us and we can’t wait for another photo shoot with this lovely lady!! Looking forward to our future photo sessions with Lauren and Sweet Peony Photography.

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